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Colon Polyp Disease and Polyp Syndromes

A polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane (eg. In the stomach or colon).  Depending on the type of polyp, these may have the potential to progress to cancer.  Polyps can be flat or have a stalk (attached by a stem to the mucosa).  Often when these are diagnosed incidentally during a endoscopic procedure they can be removed endoscopically by specially trained gastroenterologist preventing the need for surgery, when completely and adequately removed and depending on the stage of the disease.

In patients who a family history of Polyp Syndromes including familial adenomatous polyposis and others, follow up by a gastroenterologist at an early age is recommended to survey the colon for development of these polyps and appropriate management of the condition before progression to more complicated stages of disease and possibly cancer.  These patients usually have a colon or small bowel that is lined like a carpet with numerous polyps when the disease progresses to an advanced form.